The Scandinavian denim brands to watch

By Frances Leach

Photo: Iggy Jeans

A roundup of the up and coming denim brands from Scandinavia

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Denim is a staple of the fashion industry we just can’t seem to shake. Even Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’ double denim ensemble is remembered as an iconic part of noughties history. It possesses an evergreen quality, but is reworked time and time again by designers season after season. Whether it’s drain-pipes shown by Saint Laurent or wide legs at The Row - denim is one of fashion’s favourite children. Vintage Levi’s 501s are simply part of the uniform of the street style set at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

An iteration of jeans has made an appearance on almost every autumn and winter catwalk since they began, and after a year in sweatpants, many of us are itching to get back into a pair. But the ascent back into the trends can be difficult to navigate - so here’s a round-up of the best up and coming denim brands in Scandinavia to get yourself reacquainted with:

Iggy Jeans

If you’re looking to release your inner Gen Z’er, no brand has got you more covered than Iggy Jeans. Famous for their waved pairs of pastel pink and neon yellows, founder Ingrid "Iggy" Berg matches playful patterns with practical cuts. Much like the style of cult Stockholm based brand Gustaf Westman, Iggy Jeans appeals to the YK2 aesthetic that’s sweeping Scandinavia.

Nudie Jeans

The denim industry comes with a price tag bigger than what you would think, with jean production being linked to environmental issues across the world. But Nudie Jeans, founded in Gothenburg in 2001, is trying to change that. The brand uses 100% organic cotton and hails it’s transparent production process, and Nudie Jeans has been pushing the rest of the industry towards a more sustainable future, showing denim can go ‘green’ without sacrificing style in the process.

Denim Tears

If you’re looking for jeans that support social justice, brand Denim Tears, beloved by Kaia Gerber, puts circular design practices and making a statement at the heart of their design process. Their recent Levis capsule collection designed by founder and principle designer Tremaine Emory, sports a logo inspired by the legacy of slavery in America, hand-stitched onto an exclusively designed pair of 501s. Emory has also recently partnered with Swedish based Our Legacy, to create an entirely upcycled collection from deadstock.


Norway based brand Livid combines Japanese design practices with Nordic practicality for its collections. Using twill from Kowa in Japan and a looser weave, Livid creates pieces with comfort in mind such as this ankle length skirt, perfect for the transition of winter to spring. Their Trondheim factory is in fact one of the last remaining denim manufacturing facilities in Scandinavia.

Scandi Denim Brands to Watch

Acne Studios Relaxed Fit Jeans.jpg
Relaxed Fit Jeans

Acne Studios

Iggy Jeans Rodebjer.jpg

Iggy Jeans

Nudie Jeans Clean Eileen Old Gold.avif
Clean Eileen Old Gold

Nudie Jeans

Our Legacy Jeans.jpg
Extended Linear Cut Super Light Wash

Our Legacy

Livid jeans skirt.jpg
Clair Japan Bright Blue