The mullet is back, according to the Met Gala's A-listers

By Hannah Coates

Photo: Getty

Greta Lee, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Rita Ora all gave the divisive hair style the stamp of approval

If the 2024 Met Gala red carpet is anything to go by, the mullet – one of the most divisive hair trends around – is back. Permeating the starry event at which A-listers bring their beauty A-game, the likes of Greta Lee, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Rita Ora all pulled off different takes on the trend – and spoiler alert, they made it look good.

Perhaps the most notable of the three looks was Turner-Smith’s peroxide blonde style, with its side-burns that licked her cheekbones and spiky, lived-in fringe. While most likely a wig, the white-blonde colour of her hair contrasted with her beautiful dark skin, creating a mystical-meets-punk effect, particularly as it was paired with dramatic eyes.

Then, of course, there was Greta Lee, who sported an altogether more polished take on the trend. Alongside statement brows and impossibly glossy skin, the actor’s mullet was thick and luxurious, with a razored micro-fringe and equally chunky side-burns. With lots of texture through the ends that created a piecey effect and added dimension and movement, her hairstylist Jenny Cho nailed the look. It felt pixie-esque but with a beautiful edge.

And finally, Rita Ora. Having recently launched her haircare brand, Typebea, the singer made sure that her locks made a statement. With heavy, lived-in texture – slightly damp in finish – Ora’s cut was defined by face-framing pieces of hair around the jawline and across her forehead. Flat and limp, it’s the kind of finish you don’t see often on normal women, but on the red carpet, it seems to work.

Photo: Getty Images

Three different takes on what is commonly seen as a tricky trend to pull off. Turner-Smith, Lee and Ora all have their own aesthetics – as reflected in their unique takes on the mullet – but all looked effortless and cool with the style. Other mullet heroes include Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus, neither of whom were at the event, but have still made it somewhat of a signature.

And if you’re still not convinced, try a choppy bang – another big trend of the night. See? It’s not such a bad cut after all.

Originally published on British Vogue.