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The lesser-known queer bops you need to add to your summer playlist

By Esteban G Villanueva

Photo: Fabien Montique

From re-living that first summer love to your first painful heartbreak, discover Vogue Scandinavia's latest playlist highlighting unknown anthems and secret hits that will strike the queer chords for music lovers everywhere

Laying in bed, not a care in the world. Muffled whispers while tears fall down our cheeks. Late night drives with the windows open, laughing and screaming at the top of our lungs. Long, soaking sessions in the shower, letting the music merge with the sound of steaming hot water.

While they sound like overly-dramatic cinematic scenarios, we’ve all had those music video moments — when the right song comes on and the world around shifts into perfect synchrony with the music playing.

More than just technical arrangements, music and lyrics have the unique capacity to spark emotions that we have no other way of expressing. From that hug that feels like the safest place in the world, to that boost that we need slay the day, leave it to the queer community to infuse music with emotive strength.

Boy in pearl earring editorial

Photo: Fabien Montique

To celebrate that unique feel of music that hits the right spot, here we’ve gathered up a series of bops that more people should know. Queer soon-to-be anthems that each encapsulate those split-second emotions that impossible to put into words.

From a song that articulates everything you want to say to that one special person you just want more from — even if that might ruin your friendship — to a melody that screams everything you wish your loved ones understood. A tune that is the soundtrack to the internal struggle between choosing one of two (or maybe both?), or a serenade towards that lover who doesn't know they’re the Juliette to your Romeo yet.

Released in time for your summer ahead, the playlist explores the feeling of self reassurance and finding yourself, celebrates sexual fluidity and spotlights the lesser-known queer bangers that should be a must in your upcoming summer playlist.

Listen to the Unknown Queer Bops playlist on Spotify:

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