Art & Theory  at Villa Dagmar
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The hotels and restaurants to visit during Stockholm Art Week

By Saskia Neuman

Photo: Art & Theory at Villa Dagmar

You don't need to venture to galleries for a taste of art - some of your favourite restaurants and watering hole are playing host to Stockholm's biggest art celebrations this year. Here’s what not to miss

It’s that time of the year… spring is almost here, and Stockholm’s distinct but diverse cultural institutions, commercial galleries, and independent art spaces are revving up to embrace Stockholm Art Week, along with Market Art Fair, the niche contemporary art fair hosted at Liljevalchs, opening the same week. During this time the capital is held captive to a plethora of events, openings, and parties and expectations are high. The initiative is the brainchild of PR guru and art enthusiast Joanna Sundström. “Art and culture are always important, but now more so than ever,” Sundström shares, "to be able to create a platform that brings all the information about various happenings together, and hopefully galvanise people to participate and attend is one of Stockholm Art Week’s main goals.”


It assembles artists and gallerists alike, along with a fairly new contender in the arena, at least in Scandinavia, the restaurants and hotels hosting exhibitions, art-themed events, and collaborations with artists. In this new post-pandemic landscape, the need for an expanded approach to engaging with art and culture has led to several new ventures initiating and hosting opportunities to enjoy contemporary art beyond the walls of the conventional gallery setting.