The hairstyle home run at Copenhagen Fashion Week? Gestuz's bubble ponytail

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: Amalie Livi

This playful twist on the traditional ponytail took Gestuz's spring/summer '24 runway by storm. Here, we get the stylist's rundown on how to replicate the look

When Gestuz's models stepped on to the runway, the front row was greeted by a sleek middle part. Minimal, with a slight hint of a natural wave at the front. But, as they turned – one by one – through Copenahagen's Den Grå Hal, we were in for a surprise. Amped up '90s nostalgia in the form of a bubble ponytail, messy yet sculptural and unequivocally modernised. For hair stylist Annesofie Begtrup, the look came about as a means to "let the clothes shine". "When I looked at the collection, the hairstyle come so clearly to me," she says. "It was the result of wanting something super chic, super clean. But with an added twist."


The bubble braid made sense set within Gestuz's SS24 universe, inspired by Grecian statues and set to Bona Fide's renaissance-inspired music. "But instead of doing a braid, we wanted to create something that looked like a braid." Avoiding the on-the-nose of plucking hair styles straight from classical antiquity.

Having worked with the brand for multiple seasons, she explains how her approach to every show is to create focus on the clothes from the front, while adding a surprise in the back. "This time the look was quite messy," she muses, comparing the style to last season's tight braid, slicked back and reaching well below the models' midriff.

If you, like us, is bound to try this bubble look at home, discover Begtrup's step-by-step below:

Photo: Amalie Livi

Photo: Amalie Livi

How to get Gestuz's bubble look:

  1. Start with texture: A little texture goes a long way. "I start by using Oribe's Airstyle Flexible Finish cream in the lengths of the hair," says Begtrup. "It's added when the hair is damp and we then blow dry it." The result is "two, or three day hair," as Begtrup describes it, laughingly, "like you've been around." Alternatively, if you want to skip wash day, add some texturising spray to with dry, brushed hair.
  1. Pony up: Pull your hair into a high or low ponytail, depending on your desired look. This is where you can truly personalise this style. Do you want a slicked back style with mirror-like shine? Or as, in the show, a hint of natural texture. "We used Oribe's curl gloss and hydration hold [a lightweight glossing gel] to bring out that natural texture in the ends of the ponytail and in the fringe of the models who had one."
  1. Create the Bubbles: The sculptural zig-zag shape of Gestuz's bubble ponytail did not follow the normal method, where see-through elastic bands are placed evenly down the hair and then gently pulled and plumped to create the bubble effect. Instead, Begtrup twisted a long elastic around the lengths "very tightly" and the pulled at the hair to create the effect. "Simple, and chic," she noted.