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How to perfect the art of Scandinavian festival dressing

By Doris Daga
Roskilde festival sommer

Photo: Carolina Ahrenkiel, Art Direction: Nanna Greiersen

Festival fashion can be a doozy. With mud, cold winds, and rain threatening to be on the agenda, the co-existence of style and practicality have never been put more to the test. Here, Vogue Scandinavia's Music Editor explores the art of the flawless Nordic festival outfit

A few weeks ago, I went to the Coachella music festival in Indio, California. Now, I grew up attending every year with my dad since I was a young teen, so at this point, I feel like I have perfected the ultimate festival-goer outfit.


At least for the desert. Fluctuating temperatures, dust storms, intense heat, solar rays, and of course walking thousands of steps each day has to be taken into consideration when planning a look that will keep you on the best-dressed list, while also preserving your feet until the last headliner goes on at eleven-thirty in the evening (yes, you read that right).