The Garment - SS24

By Josefin Forsberg

Exploring the evolution of gender roles and the empowerment of modern women, we snag a closer look at The Garment’s spring/summer '24 runway show

Inspired by today's independent working woman, The Garment's spring/summer '24 collection presents an audacious challenge to the binary of centuries-old gender roles. Co-founders and creative directors Sophia Roe and Charlotte Eskildsen deconstructed the constraints of menswear and womenswear, spinning them into novel creations. Traditional men's utility wear finds new life as everyday coats, "either paired with feminine silhouettes or more classic tailoring," as the co-creators tell us ahead of the show.


"We love greys," Roe and Eskildsen affirm, painting their collection with a soft colour palette: sandy, creamy yellows and soft corals merge with muted neutrals. A timeless shade range with "splashes of light blue to brighten up the looks," as the duo describes.

The collection celebrates the tactile pleasure of quality, weaving "different types of cotton and linen" and introducing innovative materials like pineapple fibres and recycled leather. There is an earthy authenticity here, captured in the delicate hand-stitching and intricate 3D embroidery. "We have a lot of micro crochet," the designers note, an artisan touch that pays homage to traditional craft while embracing sustainability as "a natural part” of the brand.

With their collection, Roe and Eskildsen pen a love letter to the empowered woman, tracing the blurred lines of gender with a hand both delicate and daring. It's fashionable gender theory, not just as a statement but as a story: one that resonates with every transformed thread and preconception.

Discover all the looks from The Garment’s spring/summer '24 collection below:

The Garment - SS24