The founder of Swedish brand Adnym on how Stellan Skarsgård wound up wearing their brand on the 'Dune: Part Two' red carpet

By Allyson Shiffman

Photo: Getty

Adnym co-founder Frippe Persson tells us how his cult favourite Swedish brand wound up dressing Stellan Skarsgård for the Dune: Part Two premiere in Paris

The Dune: Part Two press tour has been a feast for the eyes thanks to the sci fi friendly looks worn by Zendaya and Florence Pugh. But at yesterday’s premiere in Paris, another well-dressed star caught entered the chat: Stellan Skarsgård. Wearing an overcoat and trousers by cult favourite Swedish brand Adnym and a button down shirt from Giorgio Armani, the 72-year-old screen legend fit right in with his fashion-forward co-stars (most notably Zendaya, who wore a show-stopping gold Louis Vuitton two-piece look for the occasion).


Skarsgård came to be wearing Adnym via his stylist Emine Sander, who just so happens to be the fiancé of Adnym co-founder Frippe Persson (the couple also share a child). When Sander was tapped by Skarsgård to style his entire Dune: Part Two press tour, she pulled some Adnym as an option. Not only did Skarsgård gravitate towards then garments, he was charmed by the backstory. “He really liked the idea when he heard that it was Emine’s fiancé’s brand as well,” says Persson. “But I think he genuinely liked the clothes, to be honest.”

Stellan Skarsgård with the rest of the Dune: Part Two cast at the Paris premiere. Photo: Getty

In selecting something that would work for Skarsgård, there was one key consideration: his height. “Emine said to me, ‘remember how tall he is’,” Persson says. “But it worked out.” Ultimately, Skarsgård wore a black coat from the brand’s latest spring/summer collection; a one-buttoned overcoat with a relaxed fit and generous sleeves – a perfect fit for the 191cm-tall actor. “If you see the details, it’s really cool,” says Persson, noting that the coat falls a bit longer in the back to create a more casual silhouette. He finished the look with the brand’s classic straight leg trouser.

For Persson, it felt “really really good” to see Skarsgård wearing his brand on such a prestigious red carpet. The icing on the cake, however, was that he felt good wearing the clothes. “It’s not like we pushed it on him – he tried it on and he really liked it. And that’s what Adnym is about – that integrity,” says Persson. “Hopefully he wants to wear us again.”

Photo: Getty