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The biggest Nordic releases coming to Netflix this year

By Linnéa Pesonen

Photo: Netflix

The upcoming Scandinavian films and series on Netflix that we're the most excited about

As the ongoing pandemic continues to keep our social life somewhat restricted, we find ourselves yearning for ways to take our minds off the mundane and keep us entertained. If you – like probably most of us – spent the holidays catching up and binging on all the newest addictive additions on Netflix and have found yourself salivating for more, fret not.


For 2022, Netflix has planned a myriad of new Nordic releases which are assured to bring a dash of drama into our everyday lives, whilst also perfectly filling those empty gaps that might exist in our social calendars right now. Whether you fancy crime, action, comedy or romance, Netflix has got you covered. Below, we have gathered some of the most anticipated new Nordic releases set to come on Netflix this year, and glimpses of what can be expected.

Warning: spoilers ahead.