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The big beauty trends that dominated 2021

By Fiona Embleton
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Photo: Benjamin Madgwick

12 months is a long time, especially when it comes to beauty trends and innovation

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The global pandemic has played a major role in how we approach beauty these days. Unsurprisingly, self-care is still dominating our routines. But as a new feeling of positivity blew in this year, make-up became our playground, while new advancements turned
skincare into a high-tech landscape.

Here, beauty’s big hitters for 2021:


Magic mushrooms

Cult Beauty saw a 480 per cent increase in searches for the term ‘mushroom’ in 2021. Taken in supplement form, fungi are thought to boost the immune system but now skincare products are also increasingly harnessing the power of shiitake, reishi and white mushrooms. Indeed, there is a surprising scientific argument for using them in a serum or cream. “There is a genetic similarity between humans and mushrooms,” explains David Delport, Global Ambassador at REN Clean Skincare. “For example, the chemical components in our white mushroom extract – grifolin, neogrifolin and scutigeral – act as pain and inflammation relief when applied to the skin.” Try REN’s Evercalm Redness Relief Serum, which is proven to reduce redness and sensitivity after just 30 minutes.

Ren Clean Skincare

Evercalm Redness Relief Serum