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The best skincare regime for women over 50, according to an aesthetic doctor

By Fiona Embleton

Swedish model Ursula Wångander walking Balenciaga Spring 2019. Photo: Vogue Runway

The skin you have in your 50s has different needs to the skin in your 20s or even 30s. Aesthetic doctor and skincare expert Dr Ana Mansouri shares her best strategies for embracing good skin in the menopause

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At a youthful 53, Helena Christensen's glowing skin is enough to convince any of us that the foundation of youth actually exists. Whether we feel comfortable ageing or not, it's only natural for the effects of time and gravity to begin to show up on our skin. How well we wear that patina of age largely comes down to genetics, a 'joie de vivre' – and, well, good skincare.

Given our routines are largely built around skin type, when you hit your 50s it's time to take hormonal shifts into account, too. “During the menopause, the body progressively undergoes a decline in the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which both have a significant impact on skin health,” says skincare expert and aesthetician, Dr Ana Mansouri. "Generally-speaking, estrogen contributes to hydration and collagen levels, while progesterone protects against sensitivity, redness and irritation."