The best high-end gyms in Reykjavík

By Julia Oravisto

Photo: Mulberry

Heat it up or cool it down in the best of what the city has to offer... We’ve spotlighted the must-know workout destinations in the Icelandic capital for you to get your sweat on

In the land of hot springs and magical nature, the workout scene is an experience of its own. Here is Vogue Scandinavia's selection of the must-know workout destinations in the northern city of Reykjavík.


Afrek Functional Fitness

Photo: Lilja Kristjáns

Eight families, an old car shop and 800 square meters make for the most interesting functional training centre in Iceland. The centrally located gym offers group training for up to 30 participants and an open gym in between sessions. Freshly founded in 2021 by a group of couples who met at a local gym, Afrek, in English achievement, brings fun and playfulness into the form of a serious workout.

In case you were wondering, functional training means training the body for the activities performed in daily life, and Afrek does it with style. The crown piece of the upscale space is the main room with long light beams in the ceiling. Here you'll find everything from kettlebells and barbells to rowing machines and fitness bikes. The upstairs area will soon be completed into a chillout and stretch area where fellow athletes can take a stretch or practice their handstands together. Grab a smoothie to replenish after what the locals call an afrek!

Skógarhlíð 10, Reykjavik



Photo: Mulberry

Named after the Lower Manhattan street where the founder of the studio used to live, Mulberry brings a piece of New York to Reykjavik through classical Pilates. Since opening back in 2006, the studio has become well established by the locals as well as the international visitor who all come here to strengthen their Powerhouse, otherwise known as the core. The studio recently moved to a loft-like space with concrete walls and lots of natural light and is now situated on a lively street, a short walk from downtown Reykjavik.

With the visually impressive Cadillac as well as other Gratz Pilates apparatus spaced across the wooden floor, class offerings range from privates and small groups to slightly bigger mat classes. Though the practice can be tough, the atmosphere is always relaxed and there is no need to hurry off after the Pull Ups, as the lounge area invites you to take a breather before heading out to the cute nearby cafes feeling completely centered.

Skipholti 23, Reykjavík


Sólir Yoga

Photo: Solir

Based in what locals call Grandi, the hippest area in Reykjavik, this is not your average yoga studio. With the goal of creating a community that feels nurtured and supported both physically and spiritually, Sólir brings a certain softness and authenticity to the often dynamic yoga scene.

Offerings range from Hatha and vinyasa-based classes to meditation and breathwork. If feeling like you need a little more than yoga, alternative therapies, workshops and cold water tanks to practice the Win Hof method are also on the menu. Unwind with a kombucha and take some time to look around the raw and urban but cosy surroundings. Awarded as Europes best yoga studio, every small detail of the space is designed consciously to support the holistic journey within as well as to preserve the qualities of the old fish factory, which the studio is nestled in.

Fiskislóð 53-55, Reykjavik