The 13 best denim jeans from Scandinavian brands to buy now

By Amelie Langenskiöld

Photo: Marco Van Rijt

Every wardrobe needs a pair of jeans. So whether you are on the hunt for fitted, wide, trashed or tailored – Vogue Scandinavia has you covered. Here, we have gathered the best denim jeans to invest in from Scandinavian brands

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Some clothing items never grow old. Like a fine wine, they only get better with time. The subtle fading of a trusted pair of denim trousers – sporting that soft, perfectly washed-out colour – has us convinced that jeans make just for this kind of investment.

Scandinavian fashion – if a bit stereotypical – is known for its expertise in dressing casually yet elegant. With the local designers' mastery of workwear and practical styles, the typical look often includes all-black fashion, a classic white T-shirt, or a crisp oversized shirt. And, of course, a pair of jeans. With a minimalistic approach, Scandinavian fashion brands often put their design efforts into the fit rather than the embellishments, diligently designing denim that will stand the test of time.


Blazer, €660. Ami Alexandre Mattiussi. Sweatshirt, price on request. Celine Homme. Denim trousers, €320. Our Legacy. Panties, €55. Calvin Klein. Sneakers, €140. New Balance. Photo: Benjamin Alexander Huseby. Photo: Benjamin Alexander Huseby


Jacket, €3,400. Celine Homme. Denim trousers, €240. Per Götesson x Weekday. Earrings, €10,300. Engelbert. Necklace, €2,500. Efva Attling. Panties, €17. Lace Laboratory. Photo: Benjamin Alexander Huseby. Photo: Benjamin Alexander Huseby

Which Scandinavian brands make the best jeans?

The list can be made long, especially considering jeans are integral to every Scandinavian wardrobe. Celebrating 25 years since launching its denim, there is no surprise Acne Studios take pride in theirs. However, turning our heads towards newcomers such as Jeanerica, BITE Studios and Tomorrow Denim – all producing almost exclusively in recycled cotton – it becomes evident that sustainability is what customers want today.

The perfect pair should act as your second skin, a go-to piece that you never want to take off - and it's no surprise that Vogue Scandinavia loves a good pair of denim. However, we are well aware of the difficulties in finding just that right pair. Below, we have gathered our favourite jeans from Scandinavia designers to invest in for the season.


Tomorrow Denim

TD Greta Jeans Wash Raw Indigo

Via Tomorrow Denim

Having recently covered Tomorrow Denim's AW22 collection and considering the brand's effortless aesthetics, it came as no surprise it was a favourite in the Vogue Scandinavia office. These indigo-washed denim with highlighted orange seams and ample pockets make for a truly modern staple.


BITE Studios

High-Rise Wide-Leg Jeans

Via Net A Porter

The Swedish/British brand has, since launching in 2016, proved collection after collection that sustainable fashion does not have to equal bland basics. Quite the opposite. These high-waisted light-washed jeans are that kind of pair that works just as well for a day in the office as a night downtown. P.S. These jeans have an inside leg of 31.5”, making them perfect for those blessed with long legs.



The Standard Jeans

Have you ever thought about where the cotton in your denim is sourced? Or where they were stitched together? These denim trousers can actually give you the answer to all those questions. Being one of few brands that offer complete transparency, Asket hopes to change our view on consumption. These jeans were made to last and then last a little longer.


Anine Bing

Gavin Jeans

Via Anine Bing

Being an expert on classic everyday looks, Anine Bing has become a go-to brand for many when finding that perfect pair of jeans. And these slightly trashed jeans in a light wash are a great example of the brand's expertly curated aesthetics. They would simply save any spring or summer look.



Tia Japan Fade

While being a Scandinavian brand and staying true to the Nordic design aesthetics, Livid adheres to the Japanese finesse when it comes to fabric construction. Their Tia Japan Fade jeans are made from denim woven at the Japanese fabric mill Kuroki. Being one of the brand's most appreciated items, it seems like they're the best of both worlds.


Nudie Jeans

Clean Eileen Heavy Rinse

Via Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans was an early pioneer when it came to producing conscious denim. And despite the market not being ready at the time, luckily, they have stayed true to their ethos. These dark blue jeans with orange seams – made from 100 per cent organic cotton – are probably as classic as they get. Straight fit, long legs, a high waist and very flattering - everything one wants in a pair of denim trousers. P.S. Nudie offers free life-long repairs of all their denim.


Levi's x Circulose

501 Original Jeans

Developed by Swedish scientists, the recycled material Circulose have been discovered by brands all over the globe, no less one of the world's most iconic denim brands Levi's. Levi's recently launched their 501 originals made with Circulose material. Being one of the world's most sustainable materials up to date, Levi's surely is moving in the right direction.


Our Legacy

Digital Aurora Denim

Via Our Legacy

These jeans are not only gorgeous, but they are also a great example of innovative production. You might wonder how Our Legacy received that undeniably cool 3D effect in the colours? The answer is through digital printing. Digital printing is an altogether 'waterless' technique to get that stone-washed look. It allows the brand to achieve the same effect with a printing technology rather than bleaching and washing.


ACNE Studios

Loose Fit Jeans

Via ACNE Studios

After spending more than two decades improving their denim, it is no wonder Acne Studios knows jeans. Already confident with its staple items, we love to see a more daring design from them. These loose fit jeans with a matching belt all of a sudden seem like the obvious choice when moving away from a classic fit.


Filippa K

Devon Jean

Via Filippa K

Produced locally in Italy and made in organic cotton, Filippa K never ceases to amaze with premium quality items. The Swedish brand has played a big part in internationally creating a name for Scandinavian brands. And we are not surprised. Their garments are always thought out and somewhat (desperately) needed in our wardrobes — no less these dark-washed denim trousers, suitable for any occasion.



Wide-leg Cropped

As part of the H&M group, Arket never disappoints when creating wallet-friendly wardrobe staples. And while the high-street is often associated with lower quality materials, these cropped wide-leg denim trousers do not follow the trend. Made from REFIBRA® - a material derived from upcycled post-consumer cotton waste - they promise you conscious, well-made fashion. And the vintage blue shade is just the icing on the cake.



Fuji Jeans - Flared jeans

Stockholm-based denim brand Jeanerica was founded with a vision to produce denim from sustainable, high-quality fabrics whilst not losing the sense of design and style. And the Fuji jeans is an excellent example of Jeanerica's design vision - made from organic cotton with a high waist and flared leg from the thigh with an idea to elongate the legs and create a flattering fit.



Titan Jeans

These light-washed, oversized, unisex jeans from Eytys are a great example of the brand's way of mastering comfort and design. Wearing a comfortable pair of denim should not be taken for granted, and we truly believe one shouldn't have to jeopardise comfort when it comes to our everyday staples. Given the loose fit, these jeans fit every and any body.

How do I style my jeans?

A pair of jeans can be styled with anything you love - making them undoubtedly an essential component in your closet. Despite their long history as part of the classic cowboy and country look, they suit just as well for a cocktail party as a city hike. Styling jeans with an oversized blazer, a see-through top, and a statement necklace pending, plus a pair of heels, and you've mastered your new weekend attire. Or why not sport a denim on denim look? All in, right?