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The 10 best concerts to catch in Scandinavia this summer

By Doris Daga
Dua Lipa in Versace Gown at the 63rd Grammy's

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Concerts are officially back. Here, Vogue Scandinavia's music expert, Doris Daga, rounds up the best of the best Summer tickets to snatch before they sell out

The time has finally come. Spring is just around the corner and the smell of summer doesn't feel too distant. The thought of the warmer months also spurs on memories of music moments' past.


The best of the best of the world’s artists are once more taking to stadiums, arenas and festivals across the globe. While we were in desperate need of concerts and live events only six months ago, today, the number of ticket sales rolling out is starting to get a bit overwhelming.

So, here is the ultimate guide for the best concerts to get tickets for in Scandinavia in the summer of 2022.