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Rising stars: 8 must-know Scandinavian climate activists changing the world

By Linnéa Pesonen

Photo: Alexandrov Klum

Get to know the leading Nordic climate activists following in the footsteps of Greta Thunberg

When thinking of Scandinavian climate experts, Greta Thunberg is likely the first name that springs into mind. However, the Nordics are home to many other incredibly passionate individuals who have dedicated their lives to protecting our planet. As Thunberg said in Vogue Scandinavia’s inaugural August/September issue in 2021: “When one person starts doing something, that has a snowball effect and spreads to people around them and they start thinking why is that person doing that, and it can plant a seed in that person’s mind, and it can grow over time, and that is something I think we underestimate.”


Whether it's via their social media presence or relentless presence at demonstrations, below are the eight most important climate activists in Scandinavia and insights into how they advocate for a change for the better. As an added extra, we’ve also listed three other notable activists to be aware of, hailing from outside the Nordics.