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The 3 ways Bugaboo is future-proofing parenthood

By Linnéa Pesonen

Photo: Bugaboo

Parenting company Bugaboo is at the forefront of providing durable, safe, and conscious solutions to families worldwide. Dedicated to creating a better world for future generations, Bugaboo’s actions speak volumes. Below, we delve into the three ways the brand is future-proofing parenthood – through design innovation and modular solutions, the right to repair and its B Corp certification ensuring the sustainability of the full supply chain.

Since it was established in 1999, leading parenting company Bugaboo has consistently stayed ahead of the curve, crafting innovative products to meet and exceed the needs of new mums and dads worldwide. And just as children are our future, Bugaboo has always operated with foresight, dedicated to conceiving lasting and responsible solutions that parents of today and future generations can rely on.

Celebrating 25 years of cutting-edge creations, Bugaboo has launched its ‘Designed for the Future’ campaign, championing a new era of parenthood and unique paths of families. “We believe that parenthood has the power to shape the future. That’s why we design so that parents and kids can unlock a world of possibilities together. ‘Designed for the future’ perfectly encapsulates that for us,” says Clare van den Bos, Global Brand Director at Bugaboo. “We wanted this new campaign to reflect the energy of parenthood, the twists and turns, and the uniqueness of this journey. It’s not just a celebration of our products – it’s a celebration of new life and wherever that may lead.

Read on as we explore the three key ways Bugaboo is future-proofing parenthood.


Modular stroller designs

Having revolutionised stroller design, Bugaboo’s award-winning pushchairs boast ultimate comfort and convenience without compromising on safety or style. The lightweight strollers’ modular design allows for easy usage, repairs and adaptability, enabling effortless changes between a bassinet or a seat according to your child’s age, lending versatility to the product until your little one is ready to explore the world on their own feet. Moreover, the compact one-hand folding mechanism – activated with a touch of a button – and built-in carry strap make storage and transportation a breeze, whether you’re travelling by car, plane, or train. Bugaboo also offers a range of accessories and parts to ensure you get the most out of your product as your needs change.

Photo: Bugaboo

Photo: Bugaboo

Photo: Bugaboo


The right to repair

While all Bugaboo products are crafted to withstand various environments, from urban settings to natural surroundings, if your piece does get damaged, don’t worry. Bugaboo’s warranty provides the right to repair unless Bugaboo determines that replacing or returning the product is necessary. The warranty includes features such as repairing sets that can be easily used by the consumer or the retailer and replacement parts. Additionally, Bugaboo will cover shipping costs to and from the store where you purchased the product if the repair falls under the warranty. The right to repair is crucial for maximising the product’s lifespan, with Bugaboo considering its impact on future generations.

Photo: Bugaboo

Photo: Bugaboo

Photo: Bugaboo


B Corp certification

In 2023, Bugaboo added another notch to its belt as the brand became a Certified B Corporation™. This achievement means that Bugaboo has met the rigorous social and environmental performance standards, accountability, and transparency set by the nonprofit organisation B Lab. Being a B Corp means that in all of its operations, from looking after its employees and launching circular services to harnessing sustainable materials, Bugaboo bears in mind the health of our planet and society, making responsible choices every step of the way.

One such example of Bugaboo’s commitment to creating a better future is its ‘Push to Zero’ journey, which aims for the company to reach net zero CO2 by 2035. Taking strides in the right direction, Bugaboo is already crafting its strollers from mass-balanced, bio-based material, with more innovations to come as the brand carries on its ever-evolving sustainability endeavours.

Watch the full Bugaboo ‘Designed for the Future’ campaign video below: