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The 10 most Instagrammable places in Norway (that aren’t in Oslo)

By Anna Clarke
Bergen - Bryggen

Photo: Endre Knudsen/

Skip the capital and head further afield for a true snapshot of this natural Nordic beauty

When the entire country regularly tops lists of the most beautiful places in the world, it proves a challenge to pick a mere ten unforgettable spots on its map. With its vast rolling fjords, dramatic snow-capped peaks, and charming seaside villages, Norway is arguably the best looking child of all the Scandinavian siblings. And as one of Europe’s most visually striking countries, that means there’s always an opportunity for that photo-ready moment.


Whether it’s a shimmering fairytale-inspired sauna floating on Telemarken’s Bandak lake, or exploring the abandoned Skageflå mountain farm teetering high above the Geirangerfjord, visual feasts are around (almost) every corner.

Here are the ones to start with.


Stegastein viewpoint

Jutting sharply out from the mountainside of Aurland, stands an architectural feat – the pine-clad Stegastein viewing platform majestically hovering 650 metres above the ​​steely blue of the Aurlandsfjord. This gravity-defying plateau gives visitors a dramatic 360-degree view over the misty cloud-shrouded mountains and meandering waters below at an otherwise impossible vantage point.