The 10 best winter music videos to inspire your festive wardrobe

By Doris Daga

Photo: Getty

'Tis the season to walk down memory lane of all the great Christmas classics

There is nothing more nostalgic than Christmas songs, and by that measure, the videos that accompany them take us right back down memory lane as well. As we know style and song are bedfellows and when it comes to the sartorial stakes, nothing 'serves looks' quite like a winter music video. From Abba's iconic white outfits paired with that 1970's signature blue shimmer eye-shadow in Happy New Year to J Lo's iconic pink coat she wore down the streets of New York for All I Have these videos offer all us the holiday wardrobe cues we didn't even realise we were missing.


Serving as inspiration for your Yuletide party look, your New Years Day brunch, or even to revamp your closet for 2022, here are the 10 best outfits from music videos set in a winter wonderland:


Destiny’s Child in '8 Days of Christmas'

The deconstructed sexy Santa costume is here — in 3 different variations. Paired with the traditional Santa cap, huge gold hoops, and your pick of the fabulous Y2K blowout. My personal favourite is Kelly’s mini jumpsuit, with the v-neck and matching opera gloves with the traditional fur trim. A look even I would consider for my Christmas celebrations, we also have to note the iconic first line of the song: “On the 8th day of Christmas my baby gave to me: A pair of Chloe shades and a diamond belly ring." That’s exactly what I have on my wishlist too.


Wham! in 'Last Christmas'

This entire video is giving 80s realness. From oversized men’s tailoring, to red monochromatic ski looks for the slope, and large, bright floral diamond broaches, this is clearly winter maximalism at it’s finest. Take your style cues from George, Andrew, and their shared love interest for your aprés-ski in the alps. Bonus points if you manage to get as much volume in your hair as every single person in this music video (it’s safe to say they’re not wearing any helmets in the slope).


Ariana Grande in 'Santa Tell Me'

Ariana Grande’s now classic Christmas song is peak 2014. The first look is matching sleepover pyjamas a la Christmas by Victoria’s Secret and spirit hoods (remember those?) and the second is an oversized ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater, knee high socks, and a high pony tail — plus reindeer antlers. I’m certain I saved this gif to my Pinterest when I was 13, and maybe it’s time to revisit the early 2010s in the new year (emphasis on maybe).


Mariah Carey in 'All I Want for Christmas'

The Queen of Christmas herself. Mariah Carey’s bonafide classic All I want for Christmas is the song I associate most with the holidays. Further, her red jumpsuit with the white snow boots and the two braids is what I would call a classic Yuletide look. Staying true to the colours of the season, this is what I aspire to look like every time I hit my local park to do some after-work sledding —functional and fashionable at the same time


'N Sync in 'Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays'

Following Ms. Carey, 1990s heartthrobs 'N Sync also make a case for functional Christmas wear. Ditch the glitter, red bows, and heavy velvet plaid dresses, this year take your cues from the boyband’s affection for nylon and tracksuits. or even nylon tracksuits. Look towards the always-in-style Prada 2020 Re-Nylon collection (or the OG from the 1990s) or Grace Wales Bonner’s collaboration with Adidas for the most comfortable holiday.


Justin Bieber in 'Mistletoe'

I don’t remember hearing any other Christmas song than Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe in the year of 2011, and it hasn’t gone out of style since. However, we return to this song for more than one reason. Firstly, the annoyingly catchy melody adored by fans across the globe. Secondly, the love interest in this music video makes a striking case for the statement scarf with an all black outfit. Although today, we have probably upgraded to a colourful Acne Studios jumbo jacquard scarf or one of Loewe’s mohair masterpieces, but we’ll always remember that we’re giving homage to the ‘shawty’ (as Justin refers to her a whopping ten times throughout the song) underneath the mistletoe.


Taylor Swift in 'Back to December'

One of Ms Swift’s best songs, capturing that melancholic feeling that can sometime overcast the holiday season. Taylor looks comfy cute, but the real style icon here is in fact her unnamed love interest. The pilot shearling leather jacket with the oversized scarf, classic black denim, with perfect leather boots is the ultimate look to brave the cold winter chills and those post Christmas blues.


Elton John and Ed Sheeran in 'Merry Christmas'

Bound to be a new Christmas classic, Elton John and Ed Sheeran released Merry Christmas this year. An inspiring tune of pushing through the tough year(s) we’ve all had because of you know what, this is sure to be a beacon of holiday spirit for years to come. The matching Gucci tracksuits that are worn by the duo are sure to cheer anyone up while watching this music video. The multi-coloured Gucci two pieces are also the ultimate gift to the Elton John in your life.


ABBA in 'Happy New Year'

We’ve all seen the music video, or at least we’ve all seen the cover to ABBA’s 1980 album Super Trouper. The quartet wears matching all-white, with Agnetha’s look standing out the most. A long-sleeved, low-cut gown, a more than festive white feather boa, all paired with the 1980s signature light blue eyeshadow. The look that has inspired my own New Year’s festivities garb for years, as white stands out against glitter. Clearly, what ABBA says (or wears) I will do so obviously this is my favourite of them all.


Jennifer Lopez in 'All I Have'

This look was brought to my attention by our digital editor, Natalie Salmon, as her personal favourite — and I see why. With the frosted pink eyelids with matching rod blush, two pig-tails, a mini pink fur-trimmed coat (with no tights might I add), gold hoops, and stiletto boots in the snow. If my winter look could look this good in the midst of the January blues, I bet 2022 won't be so bad after all.