TG Botanical - AW23

By Clare McInerney

While it’s not known across the Nordics, Ukrainians will recognise the brand Tago, which has become well established in the country since first emerging in 2006. Behind Tago is Tetyana Chumak, also founder and creative director of TG Botanical – born during the Covid pandemic as something of a conscious ‘little sister' label.

Inspired by her father’s lifelong work in farming – a business which Chumak says has been deeply affected by the Russian invasion – Chumak instils TG Botanical with a nature-focused ethos. The starting point for the ‘Logos' collection presented today in Copenhagen was, quite literally, the ground, and Chumak’s belief that it activates new energies. It’s a metaphorical and literal concept, with the 29 pieces seen on the runway today in Copenhagen cut from natural fibres and rendered in an earthy palette of off-whites, dusty burgundies and olive greens through age-old techniques of dyeing with plant pigments: acorns, onion husks, coffee beans. The construction of each look is simple and organic, but there are surprises throughout. An unexpected cut out here, a dramatically exaggerated sleeve there, touches of well-executed texture throughout.


There’s something hopeful about it all, which resonates in Chumak’s statement that she believes “creativity and labour can change the world.” It’s ambitious, but ambition is what has earned the brand its place on the CPHFW schedule as Zalando Sustainability Finalist.

See the full collection below:

TG Botanical - AW23