Take a hike: 5 things to pack for your next outdoor excursion

By Ása Steinars
Gucci Northface

Photo: Gucci

The decisive edit of what you need for a successful adventure

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The landscape of Iceland is like no other place on this planet, sometimes it feels more like walking on the moon than on mother earth. From harsh ashen volcanic desserts to lush green canyons with crystal clear glacial rivers, Iceland has it all. Hiking here can be very rewarding but can also prove a big challenge when the weather is playing tricks on you, and its likely will so what you wear is important. Up in the mountains the weather changes without any warning and a storm can hit within minutes, so it's always better be prepared.

Whether you’re going for a short hike in the nearby woods or you are planning a far-flung adventure in Iceland, this is what you need:



Tamok Gore-Tex Pro Jacket

women's tamok Gore-Tex Pro Jacket

The Jacket

Don’t leave home without a wind and waterproof jacket. A gore-tex jacket is ideal, it will keep you both warm and dry. At the same time it’s lightweight, nice to hike in and easy to pack into your bag when it gets warm. The women's tamok Gore-Tex pro is a durable jacket, blending a unique look with uncompromising functionality.



Ulvö 23 Backpack

fjallraven hiking backpack

The Backpack

Pick a size that fits your expedition. Fill it with water bottle, snacks and for longer trips a tent and sleeping bags. This versatile backpack in Fjällräven’s bergshell fabric is water resistant enough to manage most situations and made from 100% recycled nylon.



Cotton-canvas bag and water bottle

Chloé's 'Fredy' water bottle bag

Via Net-A-Porter

The Water Bottle

Icelandic water is melted glacial ice, filtered through porous lava rock. This makes it among the cleanest water in the world so go ahead, fill up your water bottle anywhere you like. With a reusable water bottle you will also avoid buying plastic, which is more than an added bonus. Chloé's 'Fredy' reusable water bottle features a crossbody bag, making it easy to carry when you're on the move.



Terrex Free Hiker GTX Hiking Shoes


The Hiking Shoe

Lava rocks are sharp, uneven and cover most parts of this country. Proper hiking shoes are a very good idea to protect your feet and ankles. These lightweight shoes deliver comfort and freedom of movement for long and short hikes alike. The upper part of the primeknit follows the shape of the foot and provides flexible stability in all terrains.



The North Face x Gucci tent

Gucci Tent

The Tent

Everyone in Iceland has the freedom to roam. This means you can pitch your tent almost anywhere you like for the night. If you are feeling brave and want immerse yourself fully in nature then find your own camping spot for the night, it’s an incredible freedom anyone can take advantage of. This nylon tent is part of The North Face x Gucci collection, a collaboration connecting two brands with similar values in celebration of 'exploration.'