Snatched and stilettoed, Helena Christensen just inducted Victoria Beckham into the supermodel set

By Daniel Rodgers

Photo: @victoriabeckham

Victoria joined Danish supermodel Helena Christensen, as well as Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington, on a girls’ nights out – and more than held her own on the fashion front

In 2007, a red-soled Victoria Beckham strutted into the sad environs of a Los Angeles DMV. Platinum hair cut into a choppy crop and lips slathered in impossibly shiny gloss, she tottered into the driver’s licence photo booth, stretched out her arms and began to smize. The impromptu shoot that followed would break protocol on various levels. “My hair looks flat! Can I do another one?” she asked a member of staff, tongue firmly in cheek. “Do you not do retouching here?”


That VB should see her DMV visit as an opportunity to nod to some of the ’00s most recognisable fashion images – all Meisel silhouettes and intense stares – tracks. She was, after all, the most cosmopolitan of the Spice Girls, a fashionphile with a wardrobe of Tom Ford-era Gucci LBDs. Happily, her tacit, decades-long audition to enter into the supermodel pantheon finally paid off last night, with Beckham uploading a photo of herself to Instagram with Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Helena Christensen. “Girls’ night out in NYC,” reads the caption, followed by her signature sign off: “Kisses.”

“So fun and festive!” replied Turlington who was (of course) wearing a biker jacket, while a stretch-dressed Christensen described it as “a beautiful evening”. Beckham herself wore a pair of open-toed boots with a ruched, asymmetric midi-dress in royal purple. She was, after all, standing amongst fashion aristocracy. “I love fashion,” she once said. “I really feel it’s where I belong.” Perhaps that might explain why there was almost (almost) a smile etched across her face.

Originally published on British Vogue.