Stine Goya - AW24

By Allyson Shiffman

Stine Goya invites guests inside the walls of its atelier, an eclectic world of craft and art that shines through in the AW24 collection

When it came to finding inspiration for her autumn/winter ’24 collection, Stine Goya “didn’t need to look far”. “Everything we needed was within the walls of our colourful HQ,” she says. The designer found her muse in the soaring ceilings, wooden floors and eclectic, candy-coloured decor, not to mention the singular creative personalities that populate the space. Naturally, for today’s show, she invited guests here, to the atelier, “where the impassioned individuals who work within these walls bring their experiences, emotions, creativity and admirable skills to the table”.


The Stine Goya world has always been one of craft and art – the painterly prints, the sweet, feminine details. Here, art takes centre stage, decorating not only only the walls of the atelier-turned-show space – artist David Risley’s ethereal portraits of Goya and her team were hanging on the wall for the occasion – but also the clothes themselves. “I have always been a huge fan of David’s work,” says Goya. “I love how he translates organic and tender moments into beautiful, artful vignettes.” One of the artist’s paintings finds its way onto a silk scarf, another becomes an all-over-print for a dress. Elsewhere, a show-stopping gown is printed with an intricate sketch of the very staircase that leads to the space.

Past the show-stealing prints, however, are unexpected details – contrasting lining, ornate buckles, hardware holding a gown off the shoulders just so. “It’s a collection with layers, much like the human persona,” says Goya, referring first and foremost to her now-signature tunic-over-pants combo. "Sometimes, you have to peel back the layers to discover a person’s most beautiful and interesting parts. There is so much beauty and creativity coursing through our team here, and these details are very much a nod to that.”

Pulling back the curtain and letting us peek behind the scenes is Goya’s own little rebellion against the facade of perfectionism. The space has not been made to look pristine – the chaos of creativity can be felt within these walls. “Authenticity is the only way to cut through the noise,” she says. “Daring to be true to oneself is something I have always believed in since the very start of the brand, and the themes that root this collection represent exactly that.”

See the full Stine Goya AW24 collection below:

Stine Goya - AW24