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Stay anonymous in Chimi and Imaskopi's new collaboration

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: Chimi x Imaskopi

A new superhero in our winter wardrobes, these crocheted balaclavas helps us defeat fashion’s arch-nemesis: freezing temperatures

Sweeping in to save us from icy cheeks, Swedish brands Chimi and Imaskopi partner up to be our very own sartorial Avengers. Releasing a collection of three hand-crocheted masks made from mercerised cotton in black, blue and burgundy, the collaboration comes just in time to battle the cold.


Founded in 2016, independent eyewear brand Chimi has seen a meteoric rise in popularity. With their “I’m always looking to work with people that inspire me,” says co-founder Charlie Lindström. The Stockholm based brand disrupted the eyewear market with their focus on innovation and creative collaborations.” I was impressed by Nelly’s work and dedication; all of her pieces are made with such care.”

Photo: Chimi x Maskopi

Photo: Chimi x Maskopi