Stand Studio - AW24

By Allyson Shiffman

Swedish brand's autumn/winter '24 collection, as a masterclass in elevated 'Mob Wife' dressing, as it dials up the sophistication of its signature faux furs

Defined by its delicious faux fur outerwear, Stand Studio has been poised for the ‘Mob Wife’ era for years. “It’s funny, we’ve always been doing this and then all of a sudden it’s this ‘Mob Wife’ thing,” agrees Stand Studio founder and creative director Nellie Kamras, noting that many people have been dusting off their real furs to get in on the trend. “We have the advantage of doing it in a good way – with faux fur. But that has always been my ambition with the fur part of the collection: to make the faux fur look real.”

With autumn/winter '24, Kamras is closer to her goal than ever before. Fret not: there are still the otherworldly colourways (that delicious eggplant purple does not pop up in the wild) but the offering is fluffier, softer and more decadent than ever before. In the well-curated lookbook, statement faux furs are met with sleek leather looks, pointing to a Stand Studio woman who’s decidedly more grown up. “It probably has a lot to do with myself,” says Kamras, who founded the brand a decade ago. “I’ve grown up a bit and become more mature. I’m moving towards a more sophisticated direction.

This sophistication is felt in the broad shoulders and clean lines. In the way a scarf is tied elegantly around the neck and in the pointy patent boots (“It’s quite a sexy boot and it elevates the look,” notes Kamras). Still, Stand Studio could never be stuffy or stuck-up – arguably an attribute of the so-called 'Mob Wife'. “It’s part of our DNA to be playful,” says Kamras. “But now it’s about being playful in a more subtle and sophisticated way.” This is best reflected in a standout blood red coat in a sharp, boxy shape paired with matching faux fur leg warmers and the moto leather with hand-painted contrasting edges.

If anything, the collection cements that Stand Studio can never be a passing trend, but an enduring staple poised to appeal to more diehard fans than ever. “Almost every day I see a young girl and a grown up woman wearing our coat, and that’s something quite amazing,” says Kamras. “But I think we have potential to go in a more elevated direction, and that’s what we’re moving towards.”

See the full Stand Studio AW24 collection below:

Stand Studio - AW24