Stand Studio - AW23

By Josefin Forsberg

1980s power shoulders and a fresh take on trompe-l'œil – this is Stand Studio's autumn/winter 2023 collection

This season, Swedish favourite Stand Studio has gone global. The Big Apple, to be specific. Founder and creative director Nellie Kamras tells Vogue Scandinavia that inspiration was "found in New York City, Brooklyn and its vintage stores where we have browsed around in order to find the best '80s sportswear and leather jackets."


True to Stand Studio's aesthetic past, this collection continues to play with proportions, exploring the duality of feminine and masculine silhouettes. Oversized jackets swathe around models, while coats with extra-wide shoulders offer some structured alternatives. "I have always been into the '80s power shoulder, and I feel that it is something that keeps coming back to our collections from time to time," says Kamras. "I am always so drawn to that for some reason. "

We also find bodycon tops and dresses alongside the more classic staples in the mix. "They [the bodycon pieces] are something quite new to us since we have been a more 'oversized' brand, and it is often challenging doing bodycon fits in the materials that we work with," notes Kamras. Experimenting with worn and distressed fabrics, Kamras punctuates the pre-loved-inspired pieces with more modern interpretations of mini biker skirts, blazers and trousers. "We have used quite classic and iconic retro-inspired styles such as the aviator jacket and a vintage bomber, for example, but played around with material, proportions and colours."

The element of surprise reappears throughout the collection, with Kamras employing innovations in materials and construction techniques. "The idea of what you see is not what you get has always been appealing to me," she says. Working in the periphery of trompe-l'œil (optical illusions), Kamras presented what appeared to be denim sets made out of leather. "I love the idea of a surprise when you actually touch the garment. This is something that is often present in some way in our collections." Yet there are no surprises in the fact the style set will be snapping up these pieces the second they hits stores.

See the full collection below: