Stamm - SS24

By Clare McInerney

Prompted by reflections on the namesake founder's childhood happiness, Stamm's spring/summer '24 collection is all about hip hop, horse-riding and harnessing joy

“When I started this season’s creative process for Stamm, I felt the need to bring something genuine from my heart,” says Danish designer Elisabet Stamm of her spring/summer ‘24 collection. “I knew I wanted to bring the silhouettes I had just introduced, and I wanted to keep creating room for movement and clothes with dimension,” she shares. “To stay in love with what I do, I had to ask myself, ‘What makes me feel joyful?’ ‘What is luxury to me?’”


Those questions sparked a journey of reflection, with Stamm looking to what brought her joy, fulfilment and a sense of belonging – tracing right back to her childhood. “I feel joyful now about the same things I did as a child.” One of these joy-bringing aspects of her life has been horseriding, with the designer describing her affinity for hip hop from a young age, bringing her to today as Burna Boy dons her designs and as Silvana Imam (who Stamm describes as a “badass rapper” performs a debut song ‘Likbil’ to close the SS24 runway.

Another of Stamm's joyful childhood experiences was horseriding, and it trickles through in the designs quite literally, with horses in motion emblazoned across the collection’s T-shirts. Her close relationship with the hip-hop community also feels relevant, with oversized hoodies, and an elevated take on the humble tracksuit. As the models stride through the warehouse rave atmosphere of the runway, there’s a mastery of layering on display, chunky silver chainlinks inclusive – in looks that would look at home on the ‘90s MTV hip hop masters that so influenced the designer.

Witnessing her very self-assured direction, growing commitment to sustainability, and unapologetic commitment to her own authenticity, Stamm feels very much a part – if not the lead – of a new vanguard in Scandinavian fashion.

Discover the full Stamm SS24 collection below:

Stamm - SS24