Søren Le Schmidt - SS22

By Allyson Shiffman

Søren Le Schmidt's Spring/Summer 2022 collection was as refined as it was refreshing

After a day of relaxed fits and breezy silhouettes, Søren Le Schmidt’s razor-sharp tailoring was like a breath of fresh air, even if the location - above the furniture shop Alton & Heim, was very warm. Set to the emotionally charged vocals of musician Mads Langer, the collection emphasised individuality over all else, turning fashions gender traditions on their head or ignoring them all together.


Men wore reflective ball gowns and micro mini shorts, women in boxy, oversized blazers (and vice versa). From the suiting to the corsets, every line was carefully considered, even if a sleeve would fall off the shoulder. Rendered largely in black and white — save for the aforementioned silver and the shocking emerald green — the shapes and the strength took centre stage. Not a print or a logo in sight, but still unmistakably Søren Le Schmidt.

See the full collection below: