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sloggi’s house party: See all the celebs – and unmissable looks – that showed for the fun-fuelled gathering

By Olivia Ekelund

Photo: Daniel Kammerer

Take a peek inside the Stockholm party – where ‘it’ girls and boys in colourful sloggi sets danced, played, and had the time of their lives

All the stops were pulled out for the sloggi party in Stockholm this week. Fun interiors and artwork splashing with colour. ‘It’ girls fluttering around Trädgården, styled in party-ensembles peppered with a rainbow of sloggi underwear. The DJ-collective Ladies Love sending out bops from behind the decks, surrounded by cardboard cutouts of sloggis campaign cool-girls.


The brand, which has long been the go-to for many after seamless basics, is making itself known not only as the choice for comfort, but also style. sloggi’s basics not only give support and feel feather light against your skin, but also add a dose of effortless cool to any look. But not the kind of cool that excludes - the kind that brings people together in elation to embrace and enjoy our bodies and our lives.

The whole evening gave early noughts MTV-sass, so perfectly in line with the current party-generations’ style that we could squeal! And the sloggi girls agree. They gushed about the pieces: how comfortable and cute the sets are, how trendy the brand has become, and how fun-filled their parties have been. “It's one of the best things that’s happened, I wear them with everything now – and always carry a spare in my bag” says Rebecca Wicklin, her bra and matching panties-set peaking out from the hem of her jeans, very ‘à la mode’. Sloggi also has the rare ability to adapt to the wearer. “I love seeing that everyone is wearing their Sloggis so differently tonight, in match to their unique style,” says creator Maya Nilsen. “You can really make it your own.”

Their counterparts, Engla Löf and Ebba Gratte were on the floor, chatting up a storm with their friends and grooving to the music that fellow sloggi-girl, Rebecca Tegegne, was playing from the stage. All were oozing joy to be there, effortlessly carefree, with the contagious boldness of owning their bodies – that so seamlessly aligns with sloggi’s take on the modern girl-to-women energy.

Just take a look for yourself, and cross your fingers that you get the invite next time.

Creative direction by Samuel Malek