Sleep frizz goodbye and dream of better skin with these silk pillowcases

By Esteban G Villanueva

Photo: @ournewroutine

Reducing friction and minimising skin damage are just two of the main benefits of silk pillowcases. Discover all the other reasons to swap your bedding right now

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Cotton pillowcases are one of those societal wrong-doings that we all casually ignore and don’t do anything about. Truth be told, while cotton is amazing for garments, its contact with the skin of our face and hair isn't noble at all; and might just be the thing that’s worsening one’s bed hair and skincare concerns.

When weaved or built into fabric, cotton roughens up. And even though this isn't a problem when it comes to clothing, our faces are much more sensitive and could potentially be affected by this friction from the fabric. Adding onto this, hair — which is also more susceptible to friction created by chafing our hair against the fabric— can suffer from breakage, frizz and tangling from our own nighttime moves.

Now, why would silk pillowcases be our unsung hero when it comes to bettering this particular moment in our lives?

Essentially because silk pillowcases, thanks to the fibres they are made from, eliminate the biggest issue that exists with traditional cotton pillowcases. Silk bedding — which is commonly made from mulberry silk, the best one of its kind— isn't able to produce the friction seen in cotton-based products and therefore doesn’t irritate the skin nor generate frizz in the hair. Adding on to that, silk absorbs less of the moisture and dirt that we might bring onto the bed, and thus is a better choice for people with acne or allergies.

Finally, the overall experience is much better; trust us, after choosing silk you won't go back. And with that in mind, find our selection of the best silk pillowcases below:

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