Skall Studio - AW24

By Allyson Shiffman

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Skall Studio presents a nostalgic and considered ode to the written word

Skall Studio’s latest collection is a love letter to, well, letters – strong voices, storytelling and the intimacy of the written word. “Writing letters is closely related to paying attention to what you are doing, to be present in the moment, which we think is a great quality these days,” says co-founder Julie Skall. The aesthetic starting point, fittingly, was a crop of creatives who knew their way around a pen and paper: the enduring personalities of late '60s New York City – Joan Didion, Leonard Cohen (though it was Minnie Riperton who offered the score). Visionaries with denim-heavy, devil-may-care aesthetics. Models carried notebooks and papers, as if travelling from the cafe to the speakeasy. If it all sounds a little nostalgic, that’s the point: Julie and her sister co-founder Marie are celebrating a decade of their namesake brand.

Set against the backdrop of an installation of upcycled materials by Faroese artist Jóhan Martin Christiansen, the collection reflected the ease of the era from which it drew its cues. There was plenty of denim on deck (Skall’s is GOTS certified, of course). An oversized jacket, for instance, that hangs just so, inspired by an old piece passed down from their aunt Inger. “It is still as good as new even though we have been wearing it for ages,” says Marie. “We love this and also aim to design pieces that will stay in the wardrobe for many years, and preferably be passed on to next generations.” Denim pops up elsewhere by way of floor-sweeping skirts and relaxed Canadian tuxedos, topped with easy overcoats. The sort of pieces that promise to get better with age.

Also true to the era is crochet, fashioned from organic Italian cotton and sweet linen blouses and dresses, flourished with lace collars and pouf sleeves. “We think these pieces embrace the feminine Skall Studio DNA in a new and simple way,” says Marie. Then there’s the knitwear; heavy cable knits in Danish marino wool. Sweaters so good one’s likely to swipe them from a loved one’s closet.

Despite the endlessly covetable designs, it’s something else that Julie and Marie are especially proud of. “We are happy to say that this collection is made in 100 per cent natural fibres and 96 per cent mono fibres,” says Marie, proudly. Now that’s something to celebrate.

See the full Skall Studio AW24 collection below:

Skall Studio - AW24