Séfr - SS25

By Clare McInerney

Following a strong womenswear debut at the start of the year, Gothenburg-based Séfr takes new strides with its first spring/summer collection

If Swedish brand Séfr's womenswear debut was all about rhythm, then its follow-up spring/summer '25 collection goes a little deeper, to ground level. "It's called 'Sediments'," says the label's creative director Sinan Abi Morsed. "With its natural layers and ever-changing formations, we're exploring how the intricate surfaces of sedimentary rocks can be translated into textures and silhouettes," he explains.

Séfr doesn't just talk the talk. The brand is walking the walk with a collection of rich tactility and evolving silhouettes that will undoubtedly please its growing fan base. "It's our strongest collection to date," Abi Morsed says, which is no small statement given the high-level output the brand has maintained since it was established seven years ago.

"We always start with the fabrics, the textures, the materials, and we go from there," Abi Morsed said of Séfr's womenswear approach last season, and SS25 is no exception. Leathers are lacquered, while bags and shoes are not exempt from fuzzy finishes. Mirroring the menswear for the season, the knitwear is vividly saturated and interwoven in mesmerising ways, while heady shots of burgundy, chartreuse and peach tones maintain the brand's appealing retro-tinged mood.

See the full Séfr SS25 womenswear collection below: