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6 of Scandinavia's best surf spots

By Jake Newby

Photo: Naomi Dalsbø and Miriam Egeli

It may not be bikini- and board shorts-friendly, but Scandinavia is increasingly garnering a reputation as a must-visit surfing destination. Here's where to hit the waves

Getting tossed around in icy waters isn't everyone's idea of fun, but it's all part of the experience for surfers in Scandinavia. While in summer months the mercury creeps up a little, the region's dedicated - and growing - community of surf fanatics will tell you that it's the late autumn and winter months when the best waves come crashing in, even if that means braving sub-zero temperatures.


But whether you're ready to battle stormy swells or just want to dip your toe in the water as a beginner, surfing in Scandinavia has you covered. Here are six of the best places to hang ten, Scandi style.

Lofoten Islands, Norway