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The biggest Scandinavian interior trends to know for 2022

By Rebecca Thandi Norman
Little Petra chair

Photo: &Tradition

From colours to materials, here’s what to expect in the new year...

We may not think of interior design as trend driven in way we would with fashion, but interior design trends are actually closely linked to fashion (albeit at a slower pace) and these trends are essential to shaping how we decorate our homes.


Given that we’ve been spending more time than usual at home lately, thanks to nearly two years of a global pandemic, feeling good about the items in our homes has become more important than ever.

Copenhagen-based Nina Bruun, a product designer and consultant for colours, trends and materials, spoke with us about what to keep in mind for the new year. She notes that, overall, COVID, climate change and digitalisation are the main factors in Scandinavian design trends for the coming year.

Whatever your personal style, here are the Scandinavian design trends to know for 2022:

Colour of the year: brown

“I’m ready to see brown become a bigger part of the color scheme in both interior and design,” Bruun notes. “Brown can be very versatile, goes well with many colors, and looks luxurious.”

Look out for brown as a softer and more luxe alternative to black in interior design palettes as well as materials such as leather.

Use of recycled materials