From low-key date nights to romantic getaways, 6 Scandi couples reveal their Valentine’s Day plans

By Allyson Shiffman

Photo: Cornelia Wahlberg

We invite six of our favourite couples – a handful of which have appeared on the pages of Vogue Scandinavia – to reveal their Valentine's Day plans

Whether you’re still in the honeymoon phase or you share several children, Valentine’s Day is a chance for a couple to revel in a little romance. Some go big – gifts, travel, extravagant dinners – and some go cozy – Netflix and chill. Regardless, here in Scandinavia, the most romantic day of the year rarely breezes by uncelebrated, even when both partners in a couple are booked and busy.


Below, six of our favourite Scandinavian couples reveal their Valentine’s Day plans.

Clara Hallencreutz, artist and Fares Fares, actor

Photo: Cornelia Wahlberg

“We kind of pretended that Valentine's was this past weekend and we went to Paris on a no-kids trip. It was very spontaneous. The plan was not to make any plans at all – just sleep-in, take strolls, drink wine whenever wherever, get lost and eat Paris. On real Valentine’s, we’ve promised the boys chocolate because chocolate is the fastest way to their heart.” - Clara Hallencreutz

Stephanie Gundelach, OpéraSport designer and Mikkel Hansen, handball player

Photo: @sgundelach

“Honestly, I will probably have a date night with my kids, make them pasta in my pjs, play with cars and FaceTime my husband goodnight around 8PM. I might spice it up with a facemask, eat some chocolate and go to sleep early.” - Stephanie Gundelach

Mikko Puttonen, influencer and Lucas Ruska Martin, photographer

Photo: Claudia Maurino

"This Valentine's Day, Lucas and I are planning to take it slow. We will be in our house in Finland close to nature so we are thinking of going for a little winter walk in the forest with hot chocolate and Lucas' favourite Finnish 'pulla'. In the evening we have planned to spend some quality time together, cook something special and of course go to the sauna. Perhaps we will open a bottle of bubbles that we have been saving for a special occasion from our wedding, it is our first Valentine's as husbands after all! And to make the evening extra romantic, we will be packing our suitcases as we are heading back to London the next morning for London Fashion Week.” - Mikko Puttonen.

Herman Tømmeraas, actor and Alicia Agneson, actor

Photo: @aliciaagneson

“Valentine's is about spending time with the people we care about, and that’s exactly what we are gonna do, in our own way. We will probably go out for a dinner somewhere nice. Then we will watch a great film with some wine.  And to top the night off, we will play some video games together. Perfect!” - Herman Tømmeraas

Marco van Rijt, photographer and Sune Palner, creative director and founder of A Management

“A perfect Valentine's is about being together. Can be a home-cooked meal or at a restaurant… we never made a big deal out of it. But it's a good reminder of being romantic. After 10 years you can forget but in general, our favorite romance is everyday life. This is where we really appreciate each other. We have not planned Valentine's yet. But maybe we should step it up now we are married. We are sure Cupid will guide is in the right direction.” - Marco van Rijt

Pernille Teisbaek, influencer and stylist and Philip Lotko, Rains co-founder

"It’s not really a day we celebrate nor have expectations for as we prefer being more spontaneous when giving flowers or gifts. Sometimes Philip and the kids buy me a ballon and a flowers as they love to be a part of it too." - Pernille Teisbaek.