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Best-selling Finnish author Satu Rämö on the creation of the 'Hildur' series and her Icelandic adopted home

By Linnéa Pesonen
Satu Rämö Vogue Scandinavia

Satu Rämö. Dress, €170. Vimma . Gold pendant earrings, Gold necklace, Gold bracelet. Kalevala Jewelry archive pieces by Björn Weckström. Photo: Angelina Ilmast

While many Scandinavian crime novelists draw inspiration from their unforgiving surroundings, Finnish writer Satu Rämö finds her muse in one of our region’s most extreme locations: Ísafjörður in Iceland’s Westfjords. It’s also the home of her most beloved protagonist, Hildur, a criminal investigator who has captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of readers. Here, we sit down with the author to gain insights into how she created Finland's favourite Nordic noir book series, along with her exclusive short story for Vogue Scandinavia