Reykjavik welcomes one of Scandinavia’s favourite concept stores: Collage

By Clare McInerney

Photo: Courtesy of Collage

Presenting the best of international luxury fashion, with a distinct Scandinavian feeling and expression, concept store Collage the Shop has now opened its doors for the Icelandic style set to enjoy

Whether window shopping or poised and ready to make a stylish investment, luxury shopping in any of Scandinavia’s key cities isn’t complete without a visit to Collage the Shop, a retail concept which has been present for years across six locations in the Nordics. Now, a seventh location has opened, giving the Icelandic fashion community a new go-to for curated pieces from the likes of Gucci, Loewe, Bottega Veneta and Saint Laurent.


The new addition to Collage the Shop’s sought-out raft of Nordic stores takes prime position on Hafnatorg in the Icelandic capital, with sleek signature interiors designed in cooperation with Danish architectural firm, Reinholdt//RUD.

The stores are operated by Group 88, a family-owned, Copenahagen-based company whose CEO Thomas Miller describes Reykjavik as a “unique opportunity” for luxury retail. “We have long followed the development of retail in Iceland with a view to opening a Collage the Shop store,” Miller says, “and now, with the development of Hafnartorg in the centre of Reykjavík, a unique opportunity is created to offer Icelanders as well as foreign visitors access to some of the world’s most popular high fashion brands.”

For each of the Scandinavian countries hosting Collage the Shop, product offerings in the stores are locally curated, ensuring the perfect combination of international luxury fashion and a local, Scandinavian touch of simplicity and style.

Collage the Shop Reykjavik is now open on Hafnartorg: Geirsgata 4.