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Sanna Jörnvik Déman on why Sakura is the quintessential spring scent for revamping your ‘everything shower’

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: Malvina Hansson

Sakura blossoms symbolise changing seasons, heralding warmer weather ahead. Here, Vogue Scandinavia sits down with Swedish beauty savant and content creator Sanna Jörnvik Déman to explore how she switches up her regular shower routine for spring

Fresh and floral, building on zesty green notes with a hint of soft milky undertones, the Ritual of Sakura has truly taken the top spot among Ritual’s most iconic series. Inspired by the seasonal Japanese tradition of watching the cherry blossoms flower, the expansive line of top-sellers (crafted with cherry blossoms and rice milk to soften and soothe the skin, promoting an even skin tone and a healthy glow) have come to symbolise spring for the brand. A new start, if you will.

No wonder, then, that Swedish beauty savant and content creator Sanna Jörnvik Déman considers the Ritual of Sakura the perfect products to update her shower routine for spring.

“I'm an ardent advocate for the ‘everything shower’.”she tells me. We’re in Amsterdam, the home of Rituals, and Jörnvik Déman is detailing why the ‘everything shower’ is the ultimate ritual. “I begin my routine before stepping into the shower, sometimes even the day before,” she continues. A scalp massage and treatment the night before, a full-body exfoliation, and ensuring she stays hydrated and mentally prepared – for instance, by practicing yoga. “When I return from yoga, I shut the bathroom door and give my family a heads-up that I'll be an hour,” she laughs.

This is followed by a hair mask and body scrub. “Occasionally, I even infuse essential oils into the shower for the full sensory experience,” she notes. “I'll light candles or switch on a diffuser. Because fragrance is pivotal to my ritual.”

Jörnvik Déman using the Ritual of Sakura foaming shower gel. Photo: Malvina Hansson

Jörnvik Déman using the Ritual of Sakura body scrub. Photo: Malvina Hansson

Jörnvik Déman using the Hyaluronic natural body booster. Photo: Malvina Hansson

When I return from yoga, I shut the bathroom door and give my family a heads-up that I'll be an hour

Sanna Jörnvik Déman

When updating her routine for spring, Jörnvik Déman stresses the importance of not only swapping out thick winter creams for lighter gels and oils, but also refreshing your fragrance. “In winter, I prefer richer scents. Come spring, I always opt for something more invigorating, and the Ritual of Sakura is the quintessential spring aroma.” According to Jörnvik, there’s something remarkably sensorial about changing your scent with the season – like getting a fresh haircut or swapping your winter boots for open-toed sandals.

Next in Jörnvik Déma’s spring-adapted everything shower follows a hydrating step she urges more people to adopt. “Body serums and oils have recently become all the rage, and they now play a significant role in my regular shower ritual before I apply body lotion,” she explains. These targeted treatments not only boost hydration but can also address specific skin concerns – just like facial serums and toners.

Jörnvik Déma always try to wind-down before her everything shower with a yoga class – preferably lighting the Ritual of Sakura scented candle. Photo: Malvina Hansson

In the Ritual of Sakura, there’s a vast variety to choose from: hydrating heroes like the Hyaluronic body booster serum and the classic Ritual of Sakura body oil; the limited edition Ritual of Yozakura body serum (an expansion of the Sakura series) and the body-buffing sugar scrub.

As for altering the textures of her lotions and potions, Jörnvik Déman has discovered the holy grail of body hydration. “The new body lotion mousse is phenomenal,” she exclaims. Inspired by Ritual’s highly popular ‘foaming shower gel’, this hydrating, quick-drying formula expands in your hand before transforming into a nourishing oily layer to lock in moisture when spread across the skin. “I've always been fond of the mousse texture of the foaming shower gel, but what I especially adore about this new formula is its compact size, making it a space-saver in your suitcase or on your shower shelf.”

Finally, for Jörnvik Déma spring means only one thing: shimmer. “I love shimmer when you’re showing more skin,” she says. “So you’ll definitely find me treating my decoltage to Rituals’ new Yozakura body shimmer oil come spring and summer.”

Want more? Tap into Rituals' app for your very own pocket-sized sanctuary. Whether stretching into a sun salutation or sinking into zen, this app offers yoga videos for every level and guided meditations for peace on the go. Better yet, the silky-smooth shopping experience is made all the better with a celebratory 10% discount on all the products bought through the app.

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