Remain - SS24

By Josefin Forsberg

Is anything truly original anymore? If Remain’s spring/summer '24 runway show has a say, the resounding answer is 'yes'

Remain’s runway set literally allowed guests to reflect on the theme of the show: originality. Set within the elegant O—Overgaden gallery, the Danish brand created a house of mirrors to implore onlookers to self-reflect. It is a fitting theme and setting, with this collection being the last for creative director Denise Christensen and the first for the new designer shouldering the role, Martin Asbjørn. A combination of creative forces felt in every thread.


That said, the show's concept is not necessarily noticed in the clothes but, instead, mirrored through the wearer. It explores how “the owner of a garment can bring life and individuality to it in a way that one could never imagine when seeing the pieces hanging,” says Denise Christensen, Remain’s CEO and creative director. “In this collection, we step away from trends and present a range of beautifully crafted, timeless pieces with contemporary and creative twists,“ Christensen explains.

Simplicity is a commonality felt throughout the palette, materials and silhouettes this season. The line includes exaggerated tailoring in hourglass volumes accentuated by fitted, ruched, and draped waistlines, emphasising masculinity and femininity. Flared trousers fan in motion. Accessories reflect the collection's contradictions, with structural bags offsetting with bohemian details. The colours are kept natural and fresh, with seasonal tones of warm browns and fresh greens. “We wanted to present a clean collection that allowed for the wearer's interpretation and originality, and so the palette and silhouette choices lean into that,” notes Christensen.

This season – based on Remain’s specialisation in leather and tailoring – explores intensely modern, sculptural silhouettes in finishes and fabrics. “Leather has always been a strong foundation of Remain, and it is no different in this collection,” says Christensen. “We have played with new silhouettes and fabrications of leather, from a very thick, tactile option, seen in a corset style top and layered skirt, to very soft lambskin in a cropped aviator and oversized biker, to a heavy suede overcoat with beautiful metal stud detail.” Finishes contrasted by gauzy, transparent knits and flowing filmy skirts.

Discover all the looks from Remain’s spring/summer '24 collection below:

Remain - SS24