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Reddit forums and heartbreak: The story behind Cy's pop debut

By Music - Doris Daga

Photo: Beata Cervin

Cy is the hot young thing taking over pop music in Scandinavia. Today, she releases her EP Ugh!, a heart-felt, explosive letter to the people who have wronged her

Cy, or Amanda Cygnaeus, turned back to her artist roots this year, originally working as a professional songwriter for other artists. “At first, I was like, ‘No, I'm doing artist thing’ but then I kind of realised that this will probably move away faster if I just get better at songwriting for others first,” she says. After having perfected her craft, Cy turned to pop music as therapy when she received the earth-shattering news that her best friend got together with her ex (hence the song Don’t Sleep With My Ex).

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