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Recreate the cover look: This is how to get Matilda Djerf's feathered Farrah Fawcett 'do

By Josefin Forsberg

Already well-known for her fabulous fringe, for our latest digital cover sees everyone's favourite Swedish Instagram icon sporting covetable fluffy curls and tousled '70s texture

When it comes to hair, few styles have experienced a resurgence like the fluffed out curl. Be it feathered '70s volume inspired by the likes of Farrah Fawcett or sleekly styled á la supermodel Cindy Crawford, bounce is now officially back. "Trends always come in waves – pun intended – and for a long time we’ve seen very calm and effortless hair," says hair stylist Philip Fohlin, the man responsible for Matilda Djerf's covetable hair do on our latest digital cover. "After a while we grow tired of what we see. We want something different to lay our eyes on, in this case something with a little more shebang," he continues adding, "I have just waited for this backlash to arrive."


The '70s references stemmed from photographer Sara Bille and stylist Sara Jeminen's moodboard, directly inspired by the decade. "Of course I immediately thought of icons such as Farrah Fawcett and Jerry Hall," says Fohlin. Fohlin shares how the he started the day with a much "calmer version" of the hair style, which he then pumped up. "We wanted it to look more like hair on steroids so we redid it and it turned out amazing," he says. "This hair feels very me. I’ve always loved doing glamorous hair, but with that little twist that makes it interesting."

Djerf, who is well-known for her enviable tresses, actually provided hair inspiration in herself – but Fohlin and the team wanted to tweak it a little. "I really enjoyed working with Matilda," Fohlin says. "She was very easy going and trusted us completely with the process and she let us do what we do best."

Below, get the low-down on exactly how to recreate Djerf's glamorous cover hairdo: