Rave Review - SS23

By Amelie Langenskiöld

Photo: Cornelia Wahlberg

The brand’s Swedish heritage felt closer than ever this season

The cool kids of Stockholm defied the dark November weather and made their way to the suburb Nacka to witness Rave Review’s muses - almost in slow motion - walk the concrete floors of an empty industry warehouse. There I found myself, not unexpectedly, in a crowd of people all dressed in upcycled chequered clothes, Rave Review’s most iconic pattern.


Returning to show in Sweden after several seasons abroad, for spring/summer 2023, the Rave Review founders Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück invited us back to where it all began: in their hometown Stockholm.. And in doing so, Bergqvist and Schück took a further deep-dive into their heritage by reinterpreting the very core of Swedish tradition: midsummer. A fallen midsummer pole, covered in fabric, lies in the middle of the runway and models adorned with flowers from the hair to their feet made the theme unmissable. “Everything we do derives from our Swedish heritage and the upcycled fabrics we use, like old ditsy flower sheets, curtains or tablecloths have all been sourced from the Swedish market,'' Bergqvist and Schück tell us.

Not leaving anything out of the celebration, Bergqvist and Schück took equal inspiration from the flower crowns and long gowns as they did from the day after Midsummer, read hangover, making contrasts an interesting part of the collection. Hues of yellow, pink and blue were as natural as black and grey. “We’re obsessed with Midsummer. It all comes down to this day because the morning after, it will literally become darker again. So, we dress up, arrange ambitious flower ornaments, and prepare a feast. While the next day, facing a massive hangover, hopefully with good but fragmental memories.” says the duo.

Rave Review has been front runners for upcycled fabrics since long before it was considered fashion and the spring/summer 23 collection was no exception. Staying true to their design ethos, all items seen on the runway were upcycled. Despite working with fabrics given to them rather than creating their own, Rave Review manages to have a clear aesthetic. However, it seems they are leaving the checks behind for a new identity that comes in the form of flowers. At least for a while.

See the full collection below: