Rave Review - AW23

By Clare McInerney

Rave Review takes its patchwork prowess to new heights in a continued pursuit of what the Swedish design duo have dubbed as ‘craftivism’

“Patchwork as an expression has a lot of meaning to us, both aesthetically and in a symbolic way,” Rave Review’s co-founders and designers Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück explain. “It started as a mark of poverty, then became a subculture punk symbol and has today evolved to represent upcycling and sustainable fashion.” It’s also been the beating heart of the Stockholm-based label since its first collection in 2017.


Forming the bread and butter of Rave Review’s line-ups, season after season, it would be natural for this patchwork persuasion to begin feeling tired or repetitive. But something in their inventive technique keeps Bergqvist’s and Schück’s cut-and-paste approach to medlied deadstock materials feeling perpetually new. For autumn/winter 2023 we see the return of signature tartan, countered with a carefully constructed mish-mash of upcycled denim, embroidered textiles and a wash of pastel florals. There’s also the introduction of scarves and leg warmers, made in collaboration with textile artist Anna Nordström, and a sprinkling of dainty floral appliques and trailing ribbons.

Another step forward is found in several separates across the selection, specifically designed with unisex wearing in mind. But the design has long appealed to all genders for its mastery of construction, sprinkled with political, sustainably-minded messaging. "Embracing different crafty elements into the collection, we want to embrace the craftsmanship process behind the garments and the unique materials we use," say the design duo. Making craft sexy, the Rave Review way.

Rave Review - AW23