Sweden’s first-ever Range Rover House has been unveiled – and it’s a feast for the senses

By Clare McInerney

Vogue Scandinavia's editor in chief Martina Bonnier arrives at Range Rover House Stockholm.

As part of a tour of select locations across the globe – from Sydney to St Tropez – the exclusive Range Rover House concept has made its debut in Stockholm, bringing to life the company’s modern design philosophy through a curated luxury experience in a coveted archipelago setting

Gazing out the window from the streamlined, leather-upholstered front seat of a Range Rover Sport, the bustling activity of Stockholm’s city centre gradually gives way to the tranquility of Djurgården, a leafy neighbouring island overrun with nature. Gliding through the narrow, winding streets lined with untamed wilderness and greenery, with the sparkling water of the archipelago in view, we pull up to our destination: Sweden’s first-ever Range Rover House, situated at one of the city’s most talked-about dining destinations, the two-star Michelin restaurant AIRA.

“We are extremely pleased to have arranged this first Range Rover House in Sweden,” says Mikael Blomquist, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover Sweden. “AIRA was an obvious choice of location, as it embodies modern luxury and carefully selected elegance – which also characterises the Range Rover.”

Approaching the entrance to AIRA, framed with a fleet of Range Rovers perched in the dappled light, we’re welcomed by the gentle notes of a live jazz trio and wafting scents from the open kitchen. “Through a carefully designed program, our guests receive an unforgettable experience for all the senses,” Blomquist adds, referring to the curated experience ahead at the debut Range Rover House – in Stockholm for two days only.

Since the premiere of Range Rover House in California in 2022, the exclusive pop-up experience has toured the globe, stopping off at selected locations such as Sydney, St. Tropez and London’s Mayfair – bringing with it event itineraries that span from a few days to a few weeks. While the setting and experience are always different, tailored to the local surroundings and the city’s Range Rover community, the concept is always the same: to bring to life the company’s distinct DNA and modern design philosophy.

We are extremely pleased to have arranged this first Range Rover House in Sweden. Through a carefully designed program, our guests receive an unforgettable experience for all the senses.

Mikael Blomquist, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover Sweden

Stockholm’s two-day Range Rover House experience is no exception. The luxurious features of the Range Rover are reflected in a considered range of activities: from exclusive Champagne tastings, to fragrance workshops with Swedish boutique perfumer Muro Scents, to a world-class gastronomic experience delivered by the acclaimed AIRA team – complete with the restaurant’s famed dill coustrade, crudo and langoustine dishes. All the while, the experience is soundtracked by the intimate jazz performance: double bass, keys and drum brushes.

Naturally, guests are also treated to a first-hand experience of the Range Rover vehicles too. Up close, the elegance of the exterior and interior is unmissable, as are innovative and razor-sharp details, from the signature sound system’s active noise cancellation to the PM2.5 filters and nanoe™ X technology that ensure a healthy driving experience with reduction of bacteria and allergies.

The night unfolds and, after extended hours of Scandinavian summer light, darkness finally falls across the watery perimeter of AIRA. Guests relish the concluding tastes of dessert and the final drops of impeccable wine pairings and step back out into the awaiting Range Rover vehicles to return to the city, still savouring the immersive sensory celebration that was Stockholm’s debut Range Rover House.

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