Precious pearls and gold chains: This is our favourite necklace combo for autumn

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: Mona M Ali (@monamali_)

Refreshed and reinvigorated, a new era has dawned for the classic pearl necklace. Paired with heavy chains this bijoux is anything but boring

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We're calling it – this is the pearl Renaissance. As Simone Rocha sews pearls to her iconic platform ballet shoes for spring/summer 2022 and Harry Styles continues to endorse a strand of pearls, we find ourselves searching for the perfect pearl adornment ourselves.

Some of the most iconic sartorialists of the last century relied on their trusted pearls. Coco Chanel championed faux pearls in her jewellery –launched in 1932 – and was rarely seen without multiple strands around her neck. One of cinema history's most revered and recognisable looks features pearls aplenty, with Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's pairing her necklace with a black sleeveless gown and black gloves.

Jackie O set a pearl precedent, ensuring that the style had staying power. Photo: Getty

One of Hollywood's most recognisable moments - Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Photo: Getty

Princess Diana's wore this iconic choker with her 'revenge' dress in 1994. Photo: Getty

American 'royalty' Jackie O favoured her mother's pearls in the 1960s and inspired a generation of women to wear the style while across the pond, Princess Diana's pearl chokers quickly became iconic. British designer Vivienne Westwood created a similar take on her style in the late 1980s – the Bas Relief necklace – which has seen a revival because of the pearl renaissance. Today the three-strand style has been dubbed the 'TikTok' necklace due to its recent popularity.

Photo: Marianne Theodorsen (@ marianne_theodorsen)

Photo: Linn Eklund (@linneklund)

Tsutsumi Hoang in gold and pearl necklace

Photo: Tsutsumi Hoang (@xoxotsumi)

Enter the heavy gold chain – a modern take on the timeless deep-sea classic. Head into the Vogue Scandinavia office on any given day, and you will see at least one of our editors wearing a variation of the chain and pearl pairing. Whether adorned with freshwaters or baroques, the style is certainly having a moment.

The style has quickly become a favourite in the nordic fashion crowd and can be seen on the likes of Tsutsumi Hoang, Linn Eklund and our very own handbag expert Marianne Theodorsen. Taking a cue from these style mavens, we've gathered the best versions to buy now. So scroll down for a treasure chest of gold chains and pearls – perfect to clutch come autumn.

Precious pearls and gold chains

Gold and pearl necklace

Kenneth Jay Lane

Chunky chain drop pearl necklace

Maria Nilsdotter

Large pearl letter necklace

Maria Nilsdotter

The Nostalgia of the Day Necklace


Trellis Pearl Necklace


Natural pearl necklace

Crystalline Jewellery