P.L.N - SS24

By Josefin Forsberg

Imploring people to think for themselves, P.L.N's spring/summer '24 collection draws on a cacophony of subcultures and experimental silhouettes

P.L.N. is more than fashion; it's a raw exploration of global subcultures. Founded by Peter Lundvald Nielsen in 2020, it's a personal project rooted in individuality that explores uncompromising visual expressions – all through experimental silhouettes and proportions. As a result, each garment invites you to wear your curiosity on your sleeve.


Collection IIII? Call it a turning point. The final act in the ‘New Talent’ trilogy, the launch of P.L.N.’s SS24 collection, is both an end and a fresh start. This season, Lundvald Nielsen switched his formerly dark venue for a bright-as-can-be space with showers sporting sunglasses indoors – namely Copenhagen’s Nikolaj Kunsthall, a refuge from the buzzing everyday life outside the church walls.

The collection itself saw a cast mainly clad in dark chocolates and black, sporting obscure silhouettes. As Nielsen puts it, “I have a very big desire to make clothes where people have to absorb and define what they see for themselves." Metallics made a major impact in two liquid silver dresses spilling over the models' bodies, while a broad-shouldered purple hoodie drew our minds to American linebackers. Soft faux fur finishes punctuated the overall leather look, with the occasional stretched jersey thrown into the mix.

As it is a pillar of the brand, P.L.N. continues to prioritise craftsmanship. Initially a made-to-order brand, with its SS24 offering, P.L.N. prepares to offer ready-to-wear items in order to accommodate its growing fan base. Working with European manufacturers, the brand will provide low quantities of the new collection made from locally sourced organic and renewable materials – all to stay true to its environmental ethos: Producing style without producing waste.

Discover all the looks from PLN's spring/summer '24 collection below:

PLN - SS24