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The Euphoria effect: Why "club kid" cool is back in fashion

By Marie-Claire Chappet

Photo: Felix Cooper

Tight and tiny garments that shimmer and pop present totally in-your-face looks with no – ahem – cares to give. Jolts of texture, be they spiky or sparkly, and small but mighty accessories don’t whisper, they shout

We blame Heidi Bivens. The costume designer of Euphoria – the show dominating the zeitgeist – has fashion in a chokehold; injecting glitter, colour and a smattering of Y2K raunch into our wardrobes with aplomb. The Gen Z show has taken a bite of early noughties fashion and dragged it into 2022 with an assured sexuality, but the trend was already gathering pace long before season two of the hit show began to live rent free in our heads and online shopping baskets. The SS22 catwalks were awash with club kid cool. Fashion, in short (and yes, sometimes very, very short) is FUN again.