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“Tommy did my makeup”: Pamela Anderson on her iconic '90s looks and going makeup-free at the Fashion Awards

By Allyson Shiffman

Pamela Anderson on the red carpet of the 2023 Fashion Awards in London. Photo: Getty

Ahead of her red carpet appearance at the Fashion Awards 2023 to present Pandora's ‘Leader of Change’ award, Vogue Scandinavia sits down with Pamela Anderson to chat 'life-ing' over ageing, switching out the makeup chair for long walks, and the influence of her Finnish grandfather

Pamela Anderson would like to rebrand ageing. “I’m ageing, we’re all ageing. Chasing this youth thing doesn’t seem to work,” she says. “We’re all going to get old, so it’s just changing the perception and maybe calling it life-ing instead of ageing.” The 56-year-old icon and activist is sitting in an opulent suite at the Lanesborough Hotel in London, just hours before she presents Pandora’s ‘Leader of Change’ award to British actor and writer Michaela Coel (Anderson herself is an ambassador for the Danish jewellery brand, which is the title sponsor of this year’s ceremony).


But unlike most other women who walked the red carpet yesterday evening, Anderson did not spend the bulk of her afternoon in the makeup chair. Rather, she’s opted to continue to embrace her natural beauty – embrace life-ing, really – by attending the awards show makeup free, a headline-making decision she first took rather spontaneously during last Paris Fashion Week.