Our Sustainability Journey: Vogue Scandinavia's first anniversary

By Vogue Scandinavia

"Our vision has been crystal clear from the very beginning. We want to be the most sustainable high-end fashion publication in the whole world."

Scandinavia is nature. It’s the fjords in Norway, the forests in Sweden, the hot springs in Iceland, the berries and mushrooms in Danish farmland and the lakes of Finland. This is who we are, together with our love of fashion, culture and design. And we believe these things can all coexist.


We owe it to the natural world that is our DNA, to the fashion industry that we love, and to all the people in the Nordics who make up our Vogue Scandinavia community, to make our vision a reality. So how can we do it? We’re already on the way. It’s in everything we do, it’s every decision we make. Whenever we can, we take the train to our productions. We source our talent locally, and we produce our content here.

It’s also in our choice to be digital-first as a publication. We are leading a new frontier of media and culture, with our own digital avatar, QR code content discovery and online-focused distribution methods. We invite you to join us in our movement, as we empower our community and focus on constant improvement. To make a change.