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Tough as nails: The avant-garde nail art you should dare to wear this winter

By Esteban G Villanueva

Photo: Janneke Van Der Hagen

Nails coated this precisely ought to be in a museum

Beauty imitates art — these delicate hands seem plucked from renaissance paintings and the fresco ceilings of structures from a bygone era. Gracing the pages of the December - January issue of Vogue Scandinavia, we show the most daring nail trends of the season crafted by Cam Tran.


Vogue Scandinavia

Malaika Holmén - Dec-Jan Issue


Precious gems, invaluable minerals, empty spirits and metallic chromes. From Midas’ golden finger, The Nazarene’s blessed coat and Thanatos’ sweet caress, pay close attention to what sits on the tip of your fingers, as it is the ultimate reiteration of art, craftsmanship and detail.

Jewellery worn as nail embellishment from left to right : Silver earring, thumb, €320, Earring, middle finger, €242. Both Alan Crocetti. Custom gold ring, thumb, price on request. Marius Perraud. Ball ring, middle finger, €475. Sophie Buhai. Flower drop earring, ring finger, €395. Patou. Custom silver ring, price on request, Zoé Mohm. Pearl and gold plated bracelet, €175. Dilara Findikoglu. Sun necklace, €154. Bless Nail polish in Put It In Neutral, €18. O.P.I. Upcycled metal dress, €650. Jeanne Friot. Wool bermudas, €680. Nicolas Guichard. Photo: Janneke Van Der Hagen

Nail polish in Live Love Carnaval, €18. O.P.I. Upcycled satin corset, €1,200. Gustave Cagani. Vintage button down shirt, from Depot Sauvage. Skirt made from deadstock wool, €1,450. Horsehair veil, price on request. Both Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard. Pyramid clutch, €1,450. Bottega Veneta. Photo: Janneke Van Der Hagen