October Interior News: Nordiska Galleriet introduces Pavarotti, the nest-inspired sofa of our dreams

By Vogue Scandinavia

Photo: Nordiska Galleriet

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Introducing the Pavarotti sofa: A cocoon of luxury and comfort

Nordiska Galleriet has our afternoon naps sorted with its latest release, the plush and ultra-comfortable Pavarotti sofa. The operatic tenor-inspired moniker is a metaphor for the grandiose experience of sinking into the snug sofa, its design taking its cues from a nest, where the armrests and high back create a comfy cocoon, embracing the body wholly and achieving a sense of warmth and security.


With the Pavarotti, Nordiska Galleriet’s own design team has created the ultimate piece of furniture, drawing upon over a century of experience in curating designer sofas from around the world. From its style, shape, size and dimensions to the weight of upholstery, down mix and the density of the cushions, the sofa embodies the culmination of the company's knowledge and expertise acquired on this journey, manifesting as the perfect sofa.

Boasting a modular design, the Pavarotti can be easily adapted and modified according to one’s desires, while it can also be customised with a selection of six different luxe fabrics. Warning: you may not want to ever get up from this sofa.

The Pavarotti will be sold exclusively in Nordiska Galleriet’s showrooms located in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. It will be available online at from the 27th of October.

By Linnéa Pesonen

The Pavarotti sofa. Photo: Nordiska Galleriet